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Special Services for Adults

Hope Network offers a number of unique services for adults.


Hope Network serves individuals who, for various reasons, have often experienced involvement in the mental health and correctional systems. This includes individuals who are on parole or probation who also have an Axis I mental health diagnosis, individuals who have been found Incompetent to Stand Trial and/or Adjudicated Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity, and/or individuals who have been referred for the assessment and treatment of problematic sexual behaviors.

Medically Complex

Hope Network serves adults who have serious ongoing medical illness or chronic conditions. Integrated with behavioral health needs, Hope Network develops a treatment plan with the person’s medical team  to address acuity, stability, impairment, activity, restrictions, psychological status, and long-term health outcomes.

Older Adults

Hope Network provides services specifically designed to address the needs and preferences of older adults and their families/support network. Personnel are trained to effectively address the complex needs of older adults including but not limited to abuse, neglect, exploitation, addition, behavioral, cognition, communication, co-morbidities, family roles and responsibilities, function, grief, loss, medications, nutrition, risk, safety of the home environment, sexuality, significant life events, and spirituality.

Flint Water Crisis

Hope Network has engaged Genesee Health Systems and many other human service organizations to support Flint-area youth during the Flint Water Crisis. Workforce members have been trained to identify, link, and broker necessary services to support overall health during the crisis and beyond.


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