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To Become a Rehabilitation Assistant or Direct Support Professional, Start Here.

Become a DSP. Start the process today.

Now hiring in Wayne County and Macomb County.

Receive benefits and flexibility as a Rehabilitation Assistant or Direct Support Professional at one of Michigan’s largest nonprofit organizations.

Fill out the simple form below, and one of our Talent Acquisition Specialists will reach out within 48 hours to start the hiring process.

Questions? Contact us directly.

Wayne County: Christian Njemanze – 248.408.7036 / cnjemanze@hopenetwork.org
Macomb County: Maureen Charlip – 248.408.7927 / mcharlip@hopenetwork.org


At Hope Network, Rehabilitation Assistants and Direct Support Professionals work directly with people suffering from brain and spinal cord injuries, mental illness, or developmental disabilities, helping them become integrated into their community in the least restrictive manner.
They help people:

• Lead a self-directed life
• Contribute to the community
• Participate in daily living activities
• Develop attitudes and behaviors that enhance community inclusion

For you, becoming a Rehabilitation Assistant or DSP may be a job for the time being. It could also be a career path if you’re interested in growing in social work, social justice, therapy, and/or nursing.

If you are working on a degree, these roles can provide financial support and a learning experience, wrapped into one. You can work full-/part-time and may work day, evening, or during the overnight hours.

These positions do not require an educational degree. We’ll teach you everything.

As a Direct Support Professional at Hope Network, you matter to us, and the people you serve. That’s why we invest in you with a robust benefits package, including:

• Tuition Reimbursement
• Health Insurance
• Flexible Schedule Options
• Paid Training
• Paid Time Off
• Retirement Savings Plan with Employer Match
• Career Pathing


Start the Hiring Process:

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