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Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS)

Individual Community Living Supports (ICLS) program instructors provide individualized instruction in life skills that are necessary to increase or maintain independence.

All services provided will be in accordance with and following the Individualized Plan of Service (IPOS) and Support Needs Worksheet. These outline the independent living skills that have been identified as medically necessary to gain or maintain independence.

We focus on the development of individual living skills in the areas of:

  •      Meal prep and planning
  •      Routine household tasks
  •      Laundry
  •      Self-care
  •      Shopping
  •      Money management
  •      Medication management
  •      Socialization and relationship building
  •      Community integration and leisure choice development
  •      Self-advocacy
  •      Health and safety skills.
  •     Community calendar for group activities

In a conscious effort to create and foster independence, all skills are completed alongside or with the individual, and never done for them. The provision of staffing is tailored to the needs outlined in the IPOS.

Note: This service is only provided in Kent County

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