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Vocational Services – Skills Training for Employment Preparation Support (STEPS)

Skills Training for Employment Preparation Support, or STEPS, is structured, in many ways, just like a job.

It’s an intensive training, helping individuals plan their employment options, prepare and search for jobs, improve interviewing skills, and acquire and maintain employment.

Instructors work with four to eight individuals, exploring and enhancing skills for community jobs, volunteering, and community living, and making choices toward a vocational future.


What does the training provide?

  • A focus on teamwork, resume writing, and proper interview etiquette.
  • Increasing employability and self-sufficiency skills.
  • A comprehensive approach to job preparation, job placement, and job retention.
  • Individualized job readiness training and evaluations.
  • Opportunities for enhancing skills, career development, resume building, and Internet/computer learning.
  • Breakout sessions in all areas of employment goals to help support working and non-working participants.

Through the course, staff will work closely with individuals to help them identify strengths and challenges, and work toward self-imposed goals.


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