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Blue Bridge Walk for Autism and Sensory Friendly Museum Night

Join us in Downtown Grand Rapids on April 26, 2017.

On April 26, we’re walking for inclusiveness. For the differently abled. For the belief that everyone, everywhere, deserves a chance to be included.

Our Bridge Walk for Autism—sponsored by Triangle Construction—is more than an event for the autism community. It’s a rally for inclusiveness—for community members, businesses, and local leaders alike. Last year, nearly 1,000 people were in attendance and we hope you’ll be among this year’s crowd.

In celebration of Autism Awareness Month, Hope Network and the Grand Rapids Public Museum are also partnering to host a sensory-friendly night FREE for children with Autism and their families. This event immediately follows the 3rd annual Bridge Walk for Autism at the Blue Bridge Downtown Grand Rapids which begins at 5pm at the Front Avenue entrance to the Bridge.

This special Grand Rapids Public Museum event will include free Museum admission where they will adapt the sounds, lighting, and activities within their current exhibits to create a low-sensory experience for children with Autism. The museum night registrations have reached capacity at 700, but you can click here to join the wait list.


Bridge Walk for Autism Hazardous Weather Plan

The Hope Network Bridge Walk for Autism may be delayed from the posted start times due to hazardous weather or environmental conditions if conditions are deemed hazardous to participant safety.  Cancellation of the event as a result of extended delays will be considered and determined by Hope Network staff.


LIGHTNING. An electrical storm or the detection of lighting within area within one hour of the start time will be considered life threatening to all participants.  A delay or cancellation of the Bridge Walk may be made when hazardous weather conditions exist.  While the determination is being made, participants, volunteers and spectators are expected to take shelter, or return to nearby vehicles.


HIGH WINDS. If high winds are present, extra care will be taken to secure signage, and other equipment associated with the Hope Network Bridge Walk for Autism.


TORNADO WATCH OR WARNING. The Hope Network Bridge Walk for Autism will be canceled or delayed if any of the following weather conditions exist: Tornado Warning, Tornado Watch, Thunderstorm and/or Heavy Rain.


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