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Hope Network’s Transportation Initiatives

Transporting all sorts of people in all sorts of ways.

Our signature red bus isn’t the only way we help people get around. Between Wheels to Work and GoLux we’re solving transportation challenges for so many people in need.


Wheels To Work: A ride-to-work program that saves money for businesses as well as their employees.

227,000 families in West Michigan (2 out of 5) live below a survival-level budget. And considering the monthly cost to own a vehicle is $409, a lot of workers just can’t drive themselves to work. Since busing isn’t available to all people, everywhere, we created a solution.

Wheels to Work serves people with transportation barriers and those simply looking for a reliable and affordable transportation alternative. Users access neighborhood-based hubs, each serving as a pick-up and drop-off point. Both the employee and employer share a flat, affordable fare. Since research shows the cost of replacing an employee is in the thousands, Wheels to Work is a worthwhile investment for companies. In fact, 82% of employees show improved attendance when utilizing Wheels to Work.

Visit ridewheelstowork.com to see the full list of employers where we have delivered thousands of workers.


GoLux: An upscale, accessible, and on-demand transportation solution.

GoLux is transportation experience for adults who cannot—or choose not to—drive themselves. When a rider makes a reservation, they can expect a comfortable experience in the form of easy-to-access vehicles, superior chauffeur service, and easy payment methods. Getting places just got better. Learn more at ridegolux.com and use the trip calculator to put in your desired ride information and get an estimated cost instantly.

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