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Long-Term Residential Services Outcomes

Our residences provide individuals living with a brain injury an opportunity to live in a comfortable home or apartment where they can maintain or improve their current level of functioning. Residential settings have varied levels of support, ranging from 24-hour supervision to daily periodic checks, depending upon the resident’s needs.

Resident Profile

Residents Served: 102
Residents Discharged: 14
Average Hours of therapy per week: 15.2
Average Resident Age: 50

Level of Independence

Service Types

*Services represent those received throughout the week
** Residents participate in a variety of therapy groups and programs and in-house activities such as woodworking, music, art & crafts, and are integrated into the community, including holding competitive jobs, volunteering, and attending
local events.

Reason for Discharge/Transition


Referrals and Admissions Process

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