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Return to Work Services Outcomes

Through Return to Work Vocational Services at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, individuals have multiple options for job development, training, and experience.

Individuals with disabilities are frequently an untapped resource of professional opportunity. They offer employers the chance to diversify their workforce while demonstrating that challenges are not a barrier in the workplace.

Program Overview


Average Age

80 people

Number of new persons referred for job placement

76 (95%)

New persons placed in competitive employment


Average Starting Wage

$9.25  $45.00

Hourly Wage Range

New Placement Impairment Type

return to work impairment type

Placement and Retention

return to work job placement

return to work industry placement

return to work job retention

Outcomes That Last

Previous transitional patients are contacted via phone or in-person interviews at regular intervals following their discharge to track their level of independence.