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COVID-19 Updates

Hope Network takes your health and wellness seriously. This is where employees, families, and partners can access information about how our organization is affected by COVID-19, as it is quickly evolving. We’re staying up to date and aligning with best practices from the WHO, CDC, MDHHS, respective county health departments, community mental health agencies, schools, and other health systems throughout the state. We are working with diligence and nimbleness as we learn more about the best processes for preparing and/or dealing with potential COVID-19 exposure.


How You Can Help Hope, and How Hope is Helping the Community

Temporary Program Suspensions

In an effort to support social distancing, as outlined by the Governor’s Executive Orders to slow the spread of COVID-19, we are temporarily suspending programing at the following locations until May 28, 2020:

  • Friendship House (Macomb County Clubhouse)
  • J-Town Clubhouse (Jackson County Clubhouse)
  • Work Skills Solutions (36th Street I/DD)
  • Wayne Vocational Program
  • Milestones CRU in Macomb County is closed to new admissions

Services Transitioning from Face-to-Face to Primary Telehealth Communication

  • All counseling sessions for Behavioral Health statewide
  • Hope Network Center for Autism has transitioned from clinic based ABA services to providing services by telehealth
  • Neuro Rehabilitation Outpatient Services have now resumed in person on a select basis (Click here for all Neuro Rehabilitation Updates)
  • Case Management / Support Coordination  Services (Macomb, Saginaw, Genesee, Jackson, and Hillsdale)
  • Outpatient Therapy Services (Macomb, Saginaw, and Genesee)
  • Supported Employment Services (Jackson and Hillsdale)
  • Psychiatric / Medication management Services (Macomb, Saginaw, and Genesee)

Face to face services will be provided on a case by case basis, when phone contacts are not clinically appropriate.

  • Hope Network Center for Recovery has deployed telehealth for all sites and all patients. For those patients with previously scheduled appointments, the Recovery team will call them 2 days prior to inform of the virtual visit and verify their technology.  For new appointments, patients will still call the main number for scheduling virtual appointments.

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Update Page

For up to date information and updates related to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, click here.

Hope Network Center for Autism Telehealth Update

Even though Applied Behavior Analysis services have been classified as essential services under Governor Whitmer’s executive order, Hope Network Center for Autism made the decision to transition to telehealth services and temporarily close its centers to protect learners and staff.  Please know that Hope Network Center for Autism (CFA) remains committed to providing learners with the highest quality ABA services.  Hope Network behavior analysts have been busy developing modified treatment plans, parent trainings and supporting families through the transition to telehealth. We are prepared to onboard learners for telehealth at any time during the closure, just give us a call at 844.969.0252 (Monday-Friday, 8-5 pm).

Hope Network Housing and Community Development – Resource Case Management

COVID-19 is rapidly changing the world in which we live. It requires that we adapt and adjust at the same pace. Finding housing is a complicated process and COVID-19 is making it even more challenging. In spite of the ever changing Federal, State, and Local directives, our leadership team is committed to helping those needing affordable housing. If you find yourself in need of emergency housing, or you are a participant in First Steps or Keys First programs and have questions, please feel free to contact Teasha Coburn, Housing Specialist by phone at 269.370.3601.

Visitor Policy

Because of the serious nature of the COVID-19 exposure, we are updating our visitor policy. Until further notice, no visitors will be allowed on Hope Network property. This does not include essential contractors, and others, providing care and services to facilities or individuals served.

All meetings with outside parties, including, but limited to, interviews, vendor meetings and provider meetings should be held virtually if possible. If the meeting cannot take place virtually, all in-person meetings with outside parties should be cancelled until further notice.

Hope Network understands this new policy may cause inconvenience and disruption. However, Hope Network is committed to maintaining a safe environment for our employees and the individuals we serve.

Mental Health Tips

During this challenging time, it’s important to stay mentally healthy as well as physically healthy, click here for

Employee Information

Screening Questionnaires Required for Entering Administrative or Healthcare Hope Network Facilities:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Employee Hotline: Available to Call or Text Monday – Friday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm at 616.286.0708

  • In the event an employee displays symptoms of illness possibly related to the latest coronavirus Hope Network has established a hotline to address Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) concerns. This hotline is another proactive measure we are taking to help our Hope Network employees stay as safe as possible. With this great tool, we are going to be able to provide more people the knowledge they need to make informed decisions to keep themselves, our clients, and loved ones healthy, while helping minimize the potential for any community spread. The hotline provides access to experienced and knowledgeable staff who can answer questions Hope Network employees may have. It can also link them with guidance and tools they can use to reduce the effects of COVID-19. *This line is for non-emergent calls. Employees are encouraged to call 911 for emergencies. Click here for more details.

Executive Order Frequently Asked Questions

Executive Order Travel Authorization Form

Blue Care Network Medical Coverage Update

  • In response to COVD-19, BCN has announced the following medical coverage updates:
    • Member copays and deductibles for COVID-19 tests will be waived – click on the link below for additional information.

    COVID-19 BCN Medical Coverage Update

    • Telehealth visits will now be covered 100% with no cost to members effective now through at least April 30 – click on the link below for additional information.

    Detroit Free Press Article

Employee Assistance Program Information

Residential/Staffing COVID-19 Home Protocols

Stay Prepared with a Plan of Action

In Your Home

Businesses and Workplaces

Childcare and K-12 Schools

College/University Students & Administration

Gatherings & Community Events

Health Care and Long-Term Care Facilities

Web Resources

CDC COVID-19 Website

  • Features updates, tips on prevention, what to do if you think you are sick, information on symptoms, resources, and a state-by-state case map

Michigan.gov COVID-19 Homepage

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

CDC Mitigation Strategies for Communities

COVID-19 and ADA Compliance

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