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Where bright futures are reignited.

Michigan Education Corps serves students age three through grade eight, ensuring each one has a chance to succeed—because when a student is proficient, their future is a whole lot brighter.

Getting reading and math students back on track.

Michigan Education Corps serves students age three through grade eight, ensuring each one has a chance to succeed. For reading and math students, we provide evidence-based, hands-on support to reignite their passion for learning and hope for what’s ahead.

Stopping at nothing to serve struggling students.

At Michigan Education Corps – one of Hope Network’s statewide initiatives – we give students more. By that, we mean more reading and math outcomes, more one-on-one attention, more times per week. Because that’s what every struggling student deserves.

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We partner with AmeriCorps members—individuals on the front lines of our service. We call them “interventionists,” but students know them as role models and trustworthy friends.

How are we solving Michigan’s reading and math crisis? Watch and see.

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We’re making the whole state smarter.

The facts don’t lie—if a student is proficient in reading and math, the future looks a whole lot brighter for them. That’s why we do what we do.

14,000 students

served since 2012

95% of students

exceeded target growth rates


of teachers report a positive impact

01Reading Corps
02Early Learning Corps
03MEC Math Corps

AmeriCorps interventionists serve in elementary schools across the state. Specifically, they serve 15-18 students, kindergarten through third grade, with 1:1 evidence-based literacy interventions for 20 minutes each day.

For Early Learning Corps, one AmeriCorps interventionist serves in each preschool classroom full-time, providing supplemental language, numeracy, and literacy-rich interventions for every child.

For students struggling in math, our interventionists work in elementary or middle schools full-time or part-time. They serve groups of 2-3 students across grades 4 through 8 with supplemental math intervention 3 times a week for 30 minutes each session.

Considering applying? This video might just be the nudge you need.

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