About Hope Network

There isn’t a label for what we are. Because there isn’t a limit for what we do.

For over 60 years, we’ve had a “whatever it takes” mentality at Hope Network.

Whenever a person is facing a physical, social, or mental barrier, we step in—even when we’re the only ones who will. That’s just the kind of organization we’ve always been.

All across the state of Michigan, we’re helping people overcome.

Bright and early, Hope Network is hard at work. And the same is true when the sun goes down. Watch and witness the moments and ways we serve people around the state, around the clock.

Serving 34,000+ people annually.

With 2,800 team members.

At 300+ locations across Michigan.

01Our Mission
02Our Vision
03Our Workforce
04Our Advocacy

In Christian service, Hope Network empowers people to overcome challenges to achieve their highest level of independence.

Hope Network will be a nationally recognized provider of solutions for individuals and communities we serve. With an unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation, we will provide exceptional value in increasingly remarkable ways wherever our services are needed.

Our highly diverse and talented workforce is the foundation to our success. We actively seek applicants who desire to make a difference in their community, while working alongside people from all walks of life. Hope Network is committed to fostering environments where everyone feels valued and respected, regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or family status, national origin, ability status, age or veteran status.

Hope Network’s six decades of service, and its absolute commitment to the persons we serve, leads us to a vision of advocacy on their behalf.  We will use our voice to speak for those whose voices are muted by injustice, by disability, and by fear. We will stand with those we serve, honored by their trust to represent their cause, knowing that justice for them is justice for us all.

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Guided by a mission to serve, these are the values Hope is built on.

The People We Serve

We serve each person individually and competently, with dignity and compassion. We support personal choice and encourage individuals to achieve their maximum abilities and outcomes.

Our Employees

We are committed to employing the best people and giving them the tools and resources to succeed. We hire, train, and develop employees to attain their highest potential within a safe work environment.


We do everything with uncompromising ethical principles, honesty, and accountability to our mission.


We are “One Hope Network.” We communicate openly and work together to achieve personal and organizational goals. We collaborate with external resources to maximize services and efficiencies.


We are advocates of change and continuous improvement. We continually seek new ideas to better serve our clients. We make bold moves from well-informed decisions.


We are accountable to all of our stakeholders for the best use of resources. We will manage our financial health to meet current needs and to invest for the future.

Year in, year out, we fill essential care gaps for people all over Michigan.

Sometimes what we do looks like healthcare. Sometimes it looks more like a social service. It can even look like a ride from one place to the other. Whatever the case, it’s pretty much impossible to define what Hope Network is. So instead, we just say that we help people overcome.

Adult Foster Care (AFC) Home

We were willing to take risks that other organizations were not willing to take.”

–Herb Start, Founder of Hope Network

On our organization’s 50th anniversary, our first three CEOs from over the years told their story—each focused on the different eras they served. As we move into our sixth decade, new CEO Bob Von Kaenel is honored to build upon the foundation of strong leadership set by his predecessors.

How’d we get here? Let’s wind back the clock…


An adjunctive therapy department (work experience) was established at Pine Rest Christian Hospital. Herb Start was the Director.


The Sheltered Workshop at Pine Rest Christian Hospital became incorporated.


The Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop building was built and opened as a work activity floor for people with developmental disabilities.


Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services became the new name for the Pine Rest Sheltered Workshop.


A board for Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services was established separate from the Pine Rest Christian Hospital board. Herb Start was appointed as CEO.


Hope Rehabilitation Network became the new name for Pine Rest Christian Rehabilitation Services.


Hope Network became a separate corporation from Pine Rest Christian Hospital.


Hope Network was invited to attend the Americans with Disabilities Act signing ceremony in Washington, D.C.


Became a Management Service Organization (MSO). The first Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF) certified network in existence, setting the standard for future CARF surveys.


Hope Network Behavioral Health expanded services to people with behavioral problems and complex psychological issues related to aging.


Formalized a service corporation to provide competitive-paying jobs for persons with disabilities – cleaning and landscaping the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum.


Hope Network West Michigan purchased four buildings on 36th Street in Grand Rapids and moved day programs, skill building, transportation, supported employment, and workforce development programs to this campus.


Rehabilitation Services opened the Peter and Pat Cook Center in Grand Rapids, a state-of-the-art therapy facility for people with traumatic brain injuries.


The Center for Autism, an outpatient facility to serve children and adolescents with autism and other neurodevelopmental disabilities, opened on the Coral Lettinga Campus.


Acquired New Passages, Inc., a behavioral health company serving southeast Michigan.


Implemented an electronic medical record system (eCARE) for improved consumer record-keeping.


Acquired Michigan Education Corps, a reading program helping students overcome barriers in literacy and math.


Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation expands to include multi-state clients paid for by standard health insurance.


Acquired Auburn Counseling Services, an outpatient behavioral health service serving 3,000 clients.


Transportation Services initiates GoLux and Wheels to Work, two innovative programs to serve the community.


Behavioral Health Services wins contracts to provide services in Saginaw and Jackson Counties, in Michigan.


Hope Network Names local business leader Bob Von Kaenel as New CEO. A search committee chose Von Kaenel for his strong record of accomplishment and his passion for Hope Network’s mission.


With the completion of 2023, Hope Network celebrates 60 years of service across the state of Michigan.

Our Pastoral Services team meets people wherever they are, whatever their faith tradition.

Our pastoral services work is all about breaking down barriers, reaching across them, and forming relationships between churches and the people we serve.

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