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Our Leadership Team

Corporate Leadership

Bob Von Kaenel

President & CEO

Tim Becker

Chief Operating Officer

Kim Dorer

Chief People Officer

Kiran Taylor, MD

Chief Medical Officer

Heather Zak

Chief Financial Officer

Administrative Services Leadership

Joe Haveman

Director of Government Relations

John Hazewinkel

Senior Corporate Counsel

John McInerney

Chief Information Officer

Client Services Leadership

Tony Barker

Executive Director, Housing & Community Development

Jamie Bragg-Lovejoy

Executive Director, Behavioral Health Services East (BHS-E)

Jerry Downs

Vice President Social Determinants

Joe Fraam

Executive Director, Process Improvement

Margaret Kroese

Vice-President & Executive Director, Neuro Rehabilitation Services

Deb Mock

Executive Director, Behavioral Health Services West (BHS-W) and Developmental & Community Services (DCS)

Margaret Moore

Executive Director, Center for Autism

Mary Scott

Executive Director, Workforce Development (WFD)

Jason Ulanowicz

Executive Director, Transportation

Bruce Vaandrager

Executive Director, Pastoral Services

Holly Windram

Executive Director, Michigan Education Corps (MEC)