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Max’s Story

After receiving devastating news that their son had autism, Max’s parents didn’t settle.

Instead, they moved permanently from their Indiana home so Max could enter Hope’s world-class autism program here. “Without Hope Network, our son wouldn’t be where he is right now,” says Max’s father. “There’s a debt to Hope Network that we’ll never have a way of repaying.”

For the first year of his life, Max followed the milestones of a normal baby. Then he regressed, words were replaced with crying and tantrums, and he was diagnosed with severe autism. Recognizing the importance of early intervention and therapy, his mom made the bold choice to move their family from Indiana to Michigan so Max could go to Hope Network’s Center for Autism. That decision changed Max’s life. Instead of depending on special education and living in a group home as an adult, Max will have the same choices as other children. The choice to go to college, have a job, and a family. Fortunately for Max, hope was just within reach.

Max’s family volunteered their testimonial post Hope Network Center for Autism Services

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