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Autism Diagnostic Clinic

What is the neuropsychological evaluation all about?

Virtually everyone admitted to Hope Network’s Center for Autism program undergoes a neuropsychological evaluation, which helps our team diagnose specific needs related to cognitive, social and emotional development. Typically, the evaluation employs games, puzzles, play and exercises that help us assess memory, language, behavior, thinking skills and more. This evaluation serves as an important starting point to help us devise a treatment regimen, which may include medications, more diagnostic tests, and therapies and strategies that can be employed at home, school, work or in the community at large. Our neuropsychologist has evaluated children aged 14 months through adulthood. As part of the process, the neuropsychologist will share results with the patient’s parent or guardian, as well as the primary physician.


Board-Certified Neuropsychologist

The American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP), the largest board certification group in psychology, certifies clinical neuropsychologists through its specialty board, the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology. In addition to completing a doctoral education in clinical psychology, and a year-long internship specializing in neuropsychology, board-certified neuropsychologists also complete a two-year fellowship in neuropsychology. Finally, in addition to state licensure in clinical psychology, to become board-certified, they also complete a three-step certification process, consisting of written examination, submission of work samples for peer review, and oral examination.

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