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Autism Checklist for Parents

Every child grows, develops, and matures differently. However, it can be helpful for parents to understand how their child is developing and accomplishing milestones in comparison to other children in their age group.

0-3 months

In prone position, head up only

1-4 months

Head steady at shoulder

3-6 months

Rolling front to back

4-7 months

Rolling back to front
Sitting with support

5-9 months

Sitting independently

5-10 months

Creeping on tummy

6-11 months

Crawling on hands and knees

6-12 months

Pulls to a stand

9-17 months


13-20 months


17-34 months

Jumps on two feet

18-30 months

Kicks a ball

28-36 months

Climbs stairs with alternate feet

30-48 months

Pedals tricycle

0-4 months


2-5 months

Bats at objects

3-6 months

Brings objects to midline

4-7 months

Transfers objects

5-10 months

Raking grasp
Finger feeds

6-10 months

Primitive pincer

7-10 months

Neat pincer

10-15 months

Voluntary release

10-16 months

Helps with dressing

10-18 months

Uses cup – open or sippy

12-18 months

Spoon feeds

14-24 months

Imitates housework

18-30 months


22-30 months

Helps with undressing

30-40 months

Undresses self

24-36 months

Toilet training

1-3 months

Social smile

6-12 months

Object permanence
Stranger anxiety

9-18 months

Affective sharing
Uses mother as a secure base

9-24 months

Separation distress

12-36 months


12-30 months

Parallel play

24-48 months

Associative play
Cooperative play

1-4 months


3-6 months

Turns to voice

4-8 months


5-9 months


6-10 months

Dada/mama non-specifically

7-12 months

Gesture games

9-18 months

Understands ‘No’

9-14 months

Dada/mama specifically

10-16 months

One step command with a gesture

10-18 months

Immature jargoning

12-20 months

One-step command without a gesture

12-24 months

Points to body parts

16-24 months

Mature jargoning

20-30 months

Puts two words together

22-30 months

Pronounces inappropriately
Two-step command

30-40 months

States first name

30-42 months

Pronounces appropriately

If you feel that your child is significantly delayed in several milestones, please consult your pediatrician or contact the Center for Autism.

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