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Hope Network Employee Passion Profiles

Who We Are

The team at Hope Network is more than emails and meetings and casual greetings in the hallway. We’re people. Humans. We each have passions and stories...that’s who Hope Network really is. We’re the sum total of these stories (the good ones, the hard ones, and everything in between). It’s these passions and stories that drive our mission.

The Sweet Life: Jodi Redmond

Jodi Redmond is a Vocational Program Coordinator for Hope Network. But when she’s not in the office, she’s in the kitchen, working on one of her many sweet creations. Watch Jodi work her magic and hear her story.

Right On Target: David Held

Hope Network’s eCare Project Lead, David Held, started competitive shooting when he was five—and hasn’t stopped since. Now he’s a coach, advocate, and competitive mentor. “There’s nothing greater than the look one someone’s face when they break a target for the very first time,” he says. Watch his story and learn more.

Escape To The Spotlight: Kaylie LaClair

Kaylie loves the spotlight. She thinks about it. Dreams about it. And when she isn’t working as an Administrative Assistant with Hope Network Behavioral Health, that’s where you’ll find her. Watch and learn about Kaylie’s passion for theatre.

13,000 Gifts for Aaron: Kevin Ullom

Kevin is a Registered Nurse whose son Aaron tragically lost his life serving his country in Afghanistan. Aaron had a heart for others and mentioned to his dad that other soldiers never received gifts from home. That’s how Aaron’s Gifts from Home was born. Watch and learn about Kevin and his wife’s amazing organization.

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Engaged In Service: Don King

Most days, Don is a Program Director at Hope Network Behavioral Health. But on Sundays, Don’s the technical director at his home church, engaging in the service through every image, sound, and word from the microphone. Watch and learn about Don’s technical passion.

A Source of Hope: Chips Drake

Drugs took over Chips’ life until 1989. That’s when he said he was done—forever. Now, as a Case Manager, he’s been a source of hope for those who face battles of their own. “My whole purpose is all about giving myself to help another person,” he says. “I can help them because I can reach them.” Watch Chips’ story and learn more.