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Getting Started With Treatment

At the Hope Network Center for Recovery, we do our best to make the intake process simple and efficient, easing your transition into recovery.

The Intake Process

  • At any time, you or your family can call us and learn more about the course of treatment and the expense. You can also walk in and meet with a clinical provider to review these details on-site.Note: Rarely does admission happen in that moment. We encourage our clients to think about what they learned before getting started with treatment.
  • Once you’ve decided the Center for Recovery is right for you, you can call and request treatment. From there, we’ll connect you with an appropriate therapist and treatment will begin in approximately seven days.

About Suboxone

  • Regarding our Suboxone treatment, you can call for the service and be scheduled for an intake appointment. There, you’ll be assessed by the doctor.
  • Based on the doctor’s recommendations, the next step would be starting a suboxone induction to see if the medication will be tolerated. If so, you’d be scheduled to return monthly for monitoring and medication refills.



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