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Our Treatment and Rehabilitation Services

We offer a variety of options, including medical detox, community living, intensive outpatient, group and individual therapies, and on-call services for program graduates.

Medication Assisted Treatment is available, which reduces cravings and withdrawal symptoms, for those who qualify. This service is offered in partnership with one of our highly skilled and experienced physicians.

We also offer specialized evaluation and monitoring services including addiction assessments, driver’s license assessments, drug screening, and psychological testing.

Our team offers recommendations for nutrition and physical fitness to support your whole health efforts in recovery. We coordinate care with additional community resources that may be helpful in your recovery such as therapists, medical providers, legal and financial experts, and employment opportunities.


The clinical staff at the Center for Recovery are invested in you and your journey. Through individual therapy sessions, participants will have the opportunity to share their story, build goals for their treatment journey and beyond, and discuss what challenges have gotten in the way of living a substance-free life.

The journey of recovery is most successful when done with the support of others who are going through similar challenges. The Center for Recovery offers group sessions twice daily. Like with all treatment options at the Center for Recovery, the group size is small to encourage the greatest amount of sharing and connection. Clients may be asked to share their treatment plan assignments, celebrate successes or share fears about their journey, or other treatment and recovery issues.

Additional sessions may be offered to support your healthy lifestyle. Topics include parenting, nicotine cessation, sex education, men’s and women’s community groups, and more.

The support of loved ones is often critical in recovery. Our counseling staff is available to meet with your friends and family to repair strained relationships, discuss patterns of addiction, and develop your after-care plan. Sessions may occur during and after you participate in treatment. Your signed permission is required before our team can offer this support.

The Center for Recovery team believes that all parts of a person deserve time and attention during your recovery—mind, body, and spirit. We offer mindfulness sessions daily, Monday–Friday, to guide you in connecting with the peaceful and calm place inside you—which you’ll continue to build upon through your recovery.

Learning more about addiction and recovery is critical to the treatment process. Our trained clinicians lead 50-minute educational sessions, Monday–Friday. Group size for these sessions are kept small, usually to less than 12 individuals in the room, to allow for great discussion and questions. Some sample topics include:


  • The Disease Model of Addiction
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Mental Health & Recovery
  • Alcoholics Anonymous: History & Abstinence-Based Treatment Options
  • The Role of Spirituality in Recovery
  • Barriers to Acceptance: Shame, Grief, Co-Dependence and Self-Esteem
  • Family Cycles of Addiction
  • HIV/AIDS, HEP-C, and more.

Your brave new beginning is just a phone call away. We look forward to hearing from you. Click to call 833.903.2280 now.


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