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Center for Youth Mental Health

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Why Choose Hope?

Mental health is vital to a healthy and productive life—for everyone. And that includes children and adolescents. That’s why the Center for Youth Mental Health offers outpatient therapy for kids facing all sorts of concerns using a wide variety of counseling approaches and personalized services.

Get To Know Us

  • What We Do

    The Center for Youth Mental Health is an outpatient program offering comprehensive and coordinated services that vary in their level of intensity. The Center for Youth Mental Health’s caring and expert team members address a variety of needs including (but not limited to) family relationship, interpersonal relationships, mental and physical health issues, addiction, eating disorders, sexual orientation, and the special needs of victims of abuse, and other trauma—all issues that have an impact on children.

    When a child needs our support, we perform an assessment, form a plan for care, and partner with all those identified to help achieve the goals, helping that child thrive.

  • About Our Team

    The Center’s team is made up of licensed/registered professionals—psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors. We partner with the youth to match them with a team member whom they feel connected with. Whoever is helping a child, they do it with a personal interest in their needs, their journey, and their personal goals.

  • Program Details

    Get information about a wide variety of program details here. Topics include who we serve, frequency, access to our program, payment, admission and transition criteria and more.

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