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Program Details

View in-depth details on our program below. Still have questions? Call 616.295.1752 to get in touch with our team today.

We serve children, adolescents and/or families who are:

  • Experiencing situational stressors
  • Experiencing mental health and/or addictions related issues
  • Experiencing trauma
  • Requiring medication services

Referrals to our program come through the local CMH, private insurance, or a self-referral. An intake assessment will be completed within 7 days of hospital discharge and 14 days for all other referrals.

We do not accept clients who are in an institution or ICF/MR and are not expected to be discharged within the next 180 days, or those whose illness is beyond what we’re able to effectively treat. In these cases, we may refer an individual elsewhere for treatment.

Services are individually tailored to meet the needs of the person served. The amount, scope, and expected duration of services are outlined in each child’s individual treatment plan.

Generally, services are paid for by commercial insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid. The parent and/or guardian will be responsible for any copayments and services not covered by the insurance plan.

  • Admission is defined by authorizing reimbursement source
  • May be private pay
  • Under age 18

The referring agency, insurance provider, and Hope Network Behavioral Health Services – West work together in making access, referral, transition, and/or discharge decisions.

Transition or discharge will happen when the youth:

  • Achieves/obtains treatment goals
  • Demonstrates the Ability to maintain adequate physical, mental, and emotional health and stability
  • When the person served requests termination of services
  • Requires higher level of care
  • Therapists cannot locate the person served


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