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Team Credentials and Education

Our team of expert licensed/registered professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists, and counselors) partner with each individual, matching them with a team member whom they feel connected with. Whoever is helping a child, they do it with a personal interest in their needs, their journey, and their personal goals. Call 616.295.1752 with any questions or to schedule an appointment.

  • Personnel is trained in First Aid, CPR, Recipient Rights, Crisis Intervention, HIPAA, Cultural Competency, and Compliance and Integrity related issues
  • Continuing education/orientation will include at least an additional 32 continuing education hours annually, covering:
    • Assessment and Referral
    • Person-Centered Planning and Self-Determination
    • Treatment and Service
    • Relapse and Recovery
    • Medication administration, monitoring, and education
    • Addiction counseling and prevention
    • Crisis management and intervention
    • Clinical Documentation
    • Children’s Mental Health services
    • Co-Occurring disorders
    • Other areas as needed to provide high quality services


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