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Access to a Better Quality of Life

Every day, we at Hope Network help people overcome. We do this with a focus on mental health, autism, and behavioral health, but another key area is Workforce Development.

Through our vocational commitment, we ensure that people with some sort of barrier can find meaningful work here in Michigan. One of those amazing people is Leora.

Leora has faced many extreme barriers in her life. It began in the foster care system, where she was raised. She endured abandonment. Abuse. Becoming a mother at 15. And, eventually, homelessness.

It felt like the world was against her – until she was offered a helping hand.

Leora was always discouraged from her goal to become a nurse, but through Hope Network Workforce Development and Michigan Works! she was able to secure financing for her education and licensing.

Today Leora is a licensed nurse working full-time at Pine Rest in Grand Rapids.

Hers is one of many stories – stories of people who overcame great odds to find meaningful work.

But we need your support to help more people. Please donate to the Hope Network Foundation.

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