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Red Bus Relief Transportation Initiative

We’re proud to announce Red Bus Relief, an initiative that puts our red buses to work for organizations in the community that need a helping hand.

We are currently partnering with:

  • Michigan Education Corps: We’re connecting with our partners in education to identify how we can assist in delivery of meals as well as grab-and-go learning materials. 
  • Kids Food Basket: We’re also connecting directly with this Kent County organization to explore how we can step in and deliver meals directly to families in need. 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield: Access to necessary prescriptions and over-the-counter medications is difficult for seniors and medically fragile during a stay-in-place order. We’re stepping in to help. 
  • The Rapid: As the Grand Rapids bus service is cutting back, our employees at HNI are directly affected and unable to get to work. We’re stepping in to ensure those who are working can actually get there.

If your organization needs an extra hand with transportation, call us. We started the Red Bus Relief effort to help our community deliver supplies, meals, food, and medical support.

Call 616.243.0876 for more information.



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