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We’re Lean and Green

At HNI, we’ve learned from partnering with quality companies what it means to run “lean and green.”

For us, “lean and green” aren’t just catchwords. They define the way we conduct business, training our collective microscopes not only on the bottom line, but on people and the planet. With every action and inaction are consequences that affect the health and welfare of our clients, employees, vendors, suppliers, and collaborators. So we work hard to reduce our footprint across a wide swath that speaks to raw materials, production processes and attention to utilities and the environment. People first. That’s the Hope Network way.


Environmental Impact

Recycling 100% of corrugated materials is equal to over 1,000 tons of corrugated material per year. This action saves (per year):

  • Over 53,000 trees
  • Over 16 million gallons of water
  • Over 5 million hours of electricity

Our recycling program results in a reduction in 5,000 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

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