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Integrated Care Programs

Integrated Care is a collection of specialized programs designed for adults with complex, chronic, and interrelated behavioral and medical healthcare needs.

Individuals served in these programs have had frequent and long-term psychiatric or medical inpatient stays or have been discharged from skilled nursing facilities that are unable to provide for their behavioral health needs. Integrated Care provides a nurturing environment that supports the unique and complex needs of each individual while celebrating their strengths, culture, preferences and values.

A variety of onsite and community-based therapeutic and leisure activities are offered to promote health and wellness.

These activities are designed to support personal growth, enhance self-esteem, provide meaning and purpose and assist the person served to improve or maintain their highest level of functioning. Activities are modified as needed for those who may have physical limitations. Family members are encouraged to visit their loved ones living in the program to promote socialization and reconciliation, especially at the end of life.

Integrated Care Campus Interior

Treatment teams within the Integrated Care programs are dedicated to providing therapeutic environments that encourage health and wellness, peer relationships, diversity, and individuality.

Staff are competent in the use of various assistive devices, respiratory therapies and interventions, therapeutic diets, and end of life care in conjunction with a hospice provider.

Integrated Care teams have specific competencies to deliver the best treatment to individuals with complex health conditions including:

• Dementia

• Cancers

• Chronic infections

• Kidney, heart and respiratory diseases

• Urologic disorders

• Colostomy and catheter care

• Moderate to severe psychiatric needs

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Services are offered in St. Ignace and Grand Rapids, Michigan


Therapy, Case Management, On-Call Crisis De-Escalation, Group Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis


Psychiatry, Nursing, Direct Support Professionals, Coordination of Care, Medication Administration, Coordination of Physician Services, Registered Dietician, Comprehensive Care

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