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Specialized Residential

Our programs offer a spectrum of choices from lower intensity to highly intensive residential treatment, as well as semi-independent and community living.

Specialized Residential: Low  Moderate Intensity

Clinical, administrative, and direct care professional teams are committed to helping individuals successfully navigate daily life challenges and transition back into their communities.

Hope Network teams recognize that the majority of individuals needing this level of care have likely experienced chronic stress throughout their lives, and so each program provides trauma-informed behavioral health interventions. All staff are trained in The Culture of Gentleness, which is focused on the belief that change and progress occur when individuals feel safe and supported by those around them.

Program teams partner with each resident to set personal goals and reflect upon their individual strengths, needs, values, preferences, and abilities. Residents are supported in building skills that help them achieve their highest level of independence. Residents are also encouraged to be involved in their local community while receiving treatment in these programs, and do so independently and also with the support of trained program staff.

Programs serve adults with a variety of behavioral health challenges including:

Mood changes from very high to very low, or an ongoing period of feeling down or uniquely energetic
Behaving in bizarre, anxious, fearful, erratic or odd ways that are outside the norm
Flashbacks, nightmares, severe emotional stress due to a specific incident or circumstances
Chronic and/or immediate drug or alcohol related issues along with mental health challenges
Adults who hear voices or see things others don’t on a regular basis
Instances of physical and verbal aggression
Instances of causing physical harm to oneself or someone else
Challenges with remaining involved in treatment
Ready for discharge from a more restrictive treatment environment
Challenges in a current treatment environment and anticipation that an increase in services may improve stability


Services provided in Grand Rapids, Grand Haven, and Flint, Michigan

Clinical Services (varies by location):

Case Management, Group & Individual Therapies, Occupational Therapy, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Peer Supports, Community Awareness & Education, Behavioral Modification, Skill Training

Medical Services (varies by location):

Psychiatry, Nursing, Coordination of Care, Registered Dietician, Medication Management, Personal Care, Community Living Supports

Specialized Residential: Intensive

Intensive Specialized Residential programs at Hope Network provide trauma-informed behavioral health services, while recognizing that the majority of individuals who require residential care have experienced significant trauma and have likely resided in chronically stressful environments. The programs are trained in the Culture of Gentleness, supporting our belief that change and progress occurs when individuals feel safe and supported by those around them. Each team’s ultimate goal is to help each individual increase their ability to successfully navigate daily life challenges to enhance quality of life. The programs assist individuals by increasing skills that support independence, community integration and opportunities for meaningful engagement.

Both programs serve individuals with a variety of behavioral health conditions including:
  • Mood disorders
  • Schizophrenia Spectrum Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Co-occurring Substance Use Disorders
Challenges that may lead to a referral:
  • Ongoing and/or serious physical and verbal aggression
  • Ongoing and/or serious behaviors that cause physical harm
  • Repeat elopements from treatment settings
  • Ongoing challenges with remaining involved in treatment
  • Ready for discharge from a more restrictive environment (jail, prison, state psychiatric hospitals)
  • History of problematic sexual behavior(s)
  • Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) adjudications
  • Individuals found Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST)
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Intensive care services are offered in West Lake and Harbor Point, Michigan


Treatment Planning, Case Management, Group

Therapy, Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Behavioral

Treatment, Crisis Management


Psychiatry, Nursing, Direct Support Professional,

Medication Administration, Registered Dietician, Visiting

Physicians, Comprehensive Care

Specialized Residential Referral FAQs

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