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Supported Employment (SE) & Individual Placement and Support (IPS)

SE/IPS helps people with disabilities acquire part-time or full-time jobs within their community. It emphasizes that work is not the result of treatment and recovery but integral to both.

Supported Employment Job Seeker Services

SE/IPS is very different from traditional vocational rehabilitation. It emphasizes client choice as well as time-unlimited and individualized follow-along services, among other components that are described below.

Supported Employment increases:

• Employment in competitive jobs • Number of hours worked • Amount of income earned

Supported Employment decreases:

• Unemployment • Dependence upon public systems of care • Symptoms of mental illness • Hospitalizations • Stigma in the community about mental illness

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Community Employment Services

Community Employment assists individuals in obtaining successful community employment opportunities that are responsive to their choices and preferences using a strengths based approach promoting choice and community integration.