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Post-COVID Rehabilitation

Patients discharging from acute care following a COVID-19 illness may need additional specialized rehabilitative care to regain their strength, endurance, and cognitive function. To serve the rehabilitation and recovery needs of post-COVID patients, Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation developed a Post-COVID Recovery Program. 

Post-COVID Rehabilitation services are provided in both a community-based residential setting or through an outpatient Day Rehab environment. Post-hospital, community-based rehabilitation – where nursing and physician support is integrated – combined with 25-30 hours of therapy per week, is an effective environment that provides the supervisory and care needs a deconditioned patient requires to return home safely.

For patients able to return home but still require rehabilitation, we offer a Day Rehab program that provides the intensive, interdisciplinary therapy to meet those needs.



  • High-value, interdisciplinary therapy: PT, OT, SLP, Psychology
  • Maximizes progress in the early weeks of recovery
  • Reduces secondary deconditioning
  • Reduces hospital re-admissions
  • Lessens long-term implications and relapses
  • Integrated return to work services


  • Physical debility due to prolonged hospitalization and/or the result of extended time on a ventilator
  • Cognitive deterioration or decline to include delirium, confusion and memory loss
  • New or worsened pulmonary complications
  • Emotional distress, anxiety or PTSD disorders that interfere with rehabilitation
  • Stroke
  • Supervision needs that make home transfer not immediately possible

For more details or to make a referral, contact our Admissions Team at 855.407.7575 or rehabreferral@hopenetwork.org

Referrals and Admissions Process

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