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When you think of comebacks, think of Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation.

With more than 400 employees staffing 16 locations in three cities throughout Michigan, we are large enough to be a leader in brain injury care, but small enough to know all of our patients’ names. We’re not an institution; we’re a family.

We ensure that everyone receives ongoing education and training relating to brain injury. Many staff whose positions do not require professional credentials have undergone hours of study and examination to become Certified Brain Injury Specialists (CBIS). We are proud of the significant expertise at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation – from our doctors to our administrators.

We are accountable for maintaining high standards.

We know we provide exceptional brain injury care, and we have the credentials to prove it. Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation is accredited by CARF International, an industry leader in establishing standards for patient care. This accreditation provides professional verification that you are receiving the highest quality of service. We must undergo an extensive review process every three years, and have never failed to impress each time CARF visits.

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We began 40 years ago and are considered one of the pioneers in post-acute brain injury treatment in the United States.

Our original founders believed that with the right time, care, and environment, brain injury didn’t have to result in a lifetime of disability. Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation was founded on innovation, and we continue to follow the path of innovation today.

We advocate not only for you, but for everyone living with brain injury.

For years, we have been an active participant in legislative activities and public policy supporting fair coverage for people undergoing care for traumatic brain injuries. We recognize the tremendous benefits of rehabilitation after hospitalization, and we use our reputation and experience to demand that people have access to the care they need to resume their lives post-injury.

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Have questions? Referring a patient? We’re ready to help.