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For 40 years, Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation has been a leading provider of post-hospital rehabilitation services and specialized medical care for those who have sustained a moderate to severe brain or spinal cord injury, suffered a stroke, or have other neurological conditions.

Explore our video library below to learn more about who we are, the services we provide, and the people we serve.

Who we are:

Comebacks Happen Here.

At Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, we believe in comebacks. Our post-hospital neuro rehabilitation experts help people with a brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, or other neurological condition make the best recovery possible.

We Believe in Comebacks.

Gutsy. Dramatic. Inspiring. Brave. Audacious. These are what comebacks are made of. Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation is where they happen. Through intensive therapy and a dynamic team of experts, we focus on real-world skills that get individuals back to walking, running, paddling, working, or simply enjoying life.

What we do:

Physical Therapy Rehabilitation

“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me”, performed by Cher, is a song Glenda says stuck with her during her rehabilitation journey. Glenda sustained a traumatic brain injury when she was ejected from a vehicle hit by a semi-truck — the impact was devastating. Her basic motor skills were significantly impaired and she had to re-learn how to walk without support.

Rehabilitation Solutions Overview

For patients with neurological and complex trauma conditions, we developed Rehabilitation Solutions – strategies that address common problems often encountered in care management.

Occupational Therapy Month

Thank you to all of our occupational therapists for your expertise, creativity, and the difference you make in our patients’ lives.

Physical Therapy Month

Through intensive therapy our physical therapists apply their knowledge and expertise to help patients establish and achieve their goals on a daily basis – thank you!

Solo-Step installed at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation East Lansing

The Solo-Step Fall Protection System offers our patients a safer, more effective way to meet their goals with a cost-efficient method.

What is a Rehabilitation Technician?

Rehabilitation Technicians play a significant role in caring for our patients and residents. Our Rehab Tech program is education-focused, designed to help you improve your skillset and advance in your career.

Do I Need Previous Experience to be a Rehabilitation Technician?

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation provides you with the necessary tools and training to develop your career and advance to the next level. Luke chose to progress his career through the Rehab Tech career path and is now an Assistant Supervisor.

Are There Opportunities to Advance as a Rehabilitation Technician?

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation offers a variety of opportunities to help you achieve your career goals – whether that’s to move into a different role, such as a clinical therapist or management.

As a Residential Manager, Michelle shares her experiences as a Rehabilitation Technician and helps foster others in their careers.

What our locations look like:

Welcome to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation | Grand Rapids, MI

Explore our rehabilitation programs, intensive therapies, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation gym. Our campus is surrounded by over 14 acres of scenic environment — designed to help individuals make the best comeback possible.

Welcome to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation | East Lansing, MI

Tour our indoor treatment spaces, and outdoor recreational areas, while learning about our rehabilitation programs and therapies. Our rehabilitation experts develop individualized, goal-focused programs to achieve the highest-quality patient outcomes possible.

Inpatient Transitional Programs

Our inpatient programs consist of spacious rooms, private bathrooms, and beautiful community areas

Residential Home Tour | Forest Glen Location

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation has 20 residential settings, located in Central and Western Michigan, designed to provide individuals a safe and supported environment to meet their level of care needs.

Patient comeback stories:

A Creative Drive | Kaitlin’s Comeback Story

Kaitlin’s life took a turn one weekend when she was hit by a car as a pedestrian. She arrived at the hospital in severe trauma, with several broken bones and a brain injury. Facing many unknowns, her family was unsure of what the future would hold. At Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, Kaitlin participated in a variety of intensive therapy five days a week. Her high achieving mindset allowed her to increase movement on her left side, enough to be discharged from Hope Network. Kaitlin now lives in a home closer to family, where she continues to work hard in therapy with hopes to walk on her own again.

Defying the Odds | Sergio’s Comeback Story

Sergio suffered a traumatic brain injury and other severe injuries from a motorcycle accident. Six months later, he came to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation to relearn the skills he needed to resume his life back in the community. Through intense therapy he was able to reach his goals and transition back home with family – and he is walking again – despite the odds.

Emily’s Comeback Story

When Emily had a brain injury in Michigan, she came to us to meet her neuro rehabilitation goals. Watch the story of her amazing comeback.

Overcoming Milestones | Arva

Arva suffered an acute stroke due to a blood clot. With the help of Aquatic Therapy, she increased her overall strength and endurance. And now, she’s able to walk on her own – a goal she had from the very beginning.

Life After a Traumatic Brain Injury | Jim

Ever since Jim was a little boy he had a passion for painting. As part of his therapy at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, Jim started painting again. Today Jim’s colorful paintings can be found adorning the walls of his apartment – each inspired by his travels, dreams, and other significant parts of his life.

“The Hardest Working Man I Know” | Chad

Chad came to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation after he sustained a traumatic brain injury. Having grown up around a farm and helping raise animals, he developed a strong work ethic at a young age. Through our vocational program Chad regularly volunteers at a horse farm, which helped him find himself again.

Brain Injury Survivor | Mark

Mark, a brain injury survivor lives in one of our residential homes. Upon arriving at Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation he was encouraged to continue practicing his love for music. Today, he frequently plays his cello in and regularly attends music concerts in the community.