Meet Our Recruiters

Betsy Flory

Corporate Recruiter

What do you do and why is it important?

I’m a Corporate Recruiter. What I do is important because I hire the people that take care of the client base we serve. These people get to be hands-on and provide a better quality of life for the clients.

What does a perfect day of recruiting look like for you?

Lots of great interviews with candidates who are looking to get started right away and have a passion for working with people—especially people who have developmental disabilities.

Why should job seekers consider working at Hope Network?

It’s so fun! Hope Network is the most inclusive employer that I have ever worked for. All the managers are great with communication and have been completely supportive of potential candidates, existing employees, and me.

What advice do you have for jobseekers right now?

Be confident and be yourself. Take time to research the position that you are applying for and really let your personality show in your interview.

If recruiting ceased to exist, what would you be doing?

I would go back into direct care, which is where my career in healthcare started. It’s still something that is still very close to my heart.

What’s the most difficult part about recruiting?

Finding proper placement—one that will be the best fit for the candidate and the program.

Why is a healthcare a smart career field for jobseekers?

There are so many different options—direct care, med techs, and then there’s the admin side of healthcare. Really, any position can open up so many other doors for growth.

What makes for a good Direct Care candidate?

Someone who is compassionate, patient, and really shows that they care for people. They go into a position with the intention of making people’s lives better.