When Emily had a brain injury in Michigan, she came to us to meet her neuro rehabilitation goals.

Watch the story of her amazing comeback.

It was an ordinary winter day when the unexpected happened. It could have happened to anybody, but it happened to Emily. She was driving to work when her car got caught on a sheet of black ice. Losing control, Emily crashed into a tree, the impact of which caused instant and significant injuries.

Before long came the questions. “Will my life ever be the same?” “Will I ever walk again?” “What happens now?” It would be a journey, but Emily would eventually learn the answers.

After leaving the hospital, Emily came to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation. From day one, she faced some daunting obstacles. But slowly, surely, she started making progress. “Emily is a fighter and knew that she was going to get her old life back,” said Amber Lowery, a member of Emily’s rehabilitation team.

Emily persevered, even when it seemed impossible. At times, there was doubt, but she pushed it aside. And today, Emily is back to living independently. She works, has her own apartment, and continues to improve day by day. When asked why she has joy despite being through so much, her answer is simple and inspiring: “I got the old me back.”

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