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The Hope Network Acuity Scale © (HAS) Y

Development, Validation and Applications of a Neuro Rehabilitation Acuity Measure

Required caregiver effort in neurological rehabilitation encompasses both demands for caregiving needs and protective supervision supports. To quantify this unique dimension of care, the Hope Network Acuity Scale (HAS) was developed.

This study provides preliminary analysis of the psychometric properties of the HAS in post-acute brain injury and neurological rehabilitation settings. The HAS can potentially facilitate staffing, supervision and placement decisions and serve as a relevant functional outcome measure.

This 24-point tool is equally divided between medical acuity – care required for the treatment of medical conditions, and neurobehavioral acuity – care associated with managing behaviors commonly observed with brain injury.

Where to use: The HAS is appropriate to use with adults 18 and older in care settings where supervision or structured check-in care support is provided.

Who can rate: The HAS should be completed by a person familiar with the full range of care needs required by a person, and with direct experience observing and supporting behavior adjustment.

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The Manuscript

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The Abstract

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The Scale

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The Poster

A quick visual that highlights the method, sample, and results of the study.

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The Presentation (condensed)

A more detailed document that walks you through the HAS development, data, and results.

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