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Hope Network Therapy and Counseling

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Why Choose Hope?

When you’re struggling with a mental health issue, no matter how mild or severe, it can keep you from feeling like the person you know you are inside. At Hope Network, we’re here to help you get that person back. Maybe it’s depression. Or anxiety. Or perhaps you’ve suffered through a traumatic event or series of events. Maybe you’re not sure, but you just know that you don’t feel right. Whatever the case, our team stands with you in wellness and recovery. We make the process easy, comforting, and safe. And together, we take intentional steps toward a better, more healthy version of you. Our program serves adults, teens, and children across Michigan.

Get To Know Us

  • Our Team

    Our team is personable, caring, and diverse—male, female, from all different backgrounds. But just like people in your daily life, you click with some more than others. Connection is key to the success of what we do, so we do our best to pair you with the best licensed, Master’s-level therapist—one who will stand by your side from the first minute forward.

  • Our Services

    Our clinicians treat anxiety, depression, grief and loss, PTSD and other conditions using evidence-based techniques proven to help people achieve their goals.

    Services could include: Individual Counseling • Marriage Counseling • Family Counseling • Child and Teen Therapy • Addiction Counseling • Psychological Testing • Group Therapy • Animal Assisted Therapy • Medication Services • Perinatal Mental Health • And more

  • What To Expect

    Our process depends on your unique needs and varies from one person to another. But generally, here’s how it works:

    Call 855.922.2282 for Your Appointment:
    You don’t need to see your primary care physician or obtain a referral. You can schedule with us directly.

    First Contact:
    Once we know a little bit about your needs, we pair you with a therapist. They’ll make an assessment and set goals with you during your first session together.

    Ongoing Treatment:
    Session by session, we’ll work through your goals. Sometimes therapy takes a few weeks. Sometimes it takes months. And even when you feel like your mental health issue is under control, you’ll want to keep them up to maintain your state of wellness. Whatever the case, we’ll stick by your side and support you in your journey.

    Final Session:
    When you feel you are ready to end your sessions, you and your therapist will work together to create an ongoing plan for stability.