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Why Hope – Services for Employers

Interested in training your next round of employees at Hope Network?

We’ve been assisting the business community since 1964 with employment solutions, connecting employers to qualified individuals re-entering the workforce in search of a fulfilling career. Services from our workforce development team are available at no cost and saves valuable resources normally spent in recruiting, hiring, and training.

How Your Company Benefits

Our team works closely with you to develop specific training programs for your company to support the success and retention of new hires. An entry-level position costs employers a minimum of $1,200 per turnover. We help reduce these costs by pre-screening candidates, providing pre-employment testing, scheduling job fairs, hosting employer orientation and interviewing, and offering post-hire retention and case management support.

Your business isn’t one-dimensional. Neither are we. Here’s what we provide:

  • Reduced time and dollars spent on recruitment and training
  • Access to pre-screened candidates
  • Our experienced recruitment and retention staff
  • Opportunity to meet diversity goals by employing local people with barriers to employment
  • Recognition as a business that cares about its community
  • Opportunities for employer tax credits
  • All services free to employers

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