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Solutions for Employers

Hope Network has more than  50 years’ experience in assisting the business community with employment solutions.

The benefits of working with Hope Network include:

  • Reduced time and dollars spent on recruitment and training
  • Individualized employer matching process
  • Opportunities to meet diversity goals
  • Opportunities to reinvest and strengthen your community
  • On the job support for onboarding and retention
  • Opportunities to recruit work-ready employees


Hope Network Workforce Development offers employers an opportunity to look at potential employees via our paid Transitional Work Experiences (TWE). TWEs are temporary work that provide employers with qualified candidates who are ready to work wherein Hope Network is the employer of record for up to 90 days.

This is accomplished via a TWE Agreement between Hope Network and the employer. The employer informs us of open positions. We will prescreen potential candidates to ensure a good job match based on information provided by the employer. While in the TWE we work closely with the employer to provide follow along support to the employee and employer as needed. Follow along support includes communication with the TWE site supervisors/HR contact, participant and case manager regarding performance to ensure success. If the TWE site employer decides to hire the participant, we provide assistance in the transition from TWE participant to employee in addition to providing retention services for up to one year post-hire.

Our goal is to provide employers with candidates that are a good job fit and work site culture match for your company. We accomplish this by reviewing the individual’s employment needs, skills set and work history with regard to the employer’s requirements and expectations. In some cases Hope Network will administer and review employer required assessments, interview, administer drug screen, and connect the Work Ready candidate to the potential work site.

Hope Network has been integral is creating transportation solutions for employers who are not on the public transportation bus line. Wheels to Work is available to employers located and employees working in West Michigan.

We have a diverse job pool of qualified individuals who are ready to work. These individuals have been determined to be work-ready based on one or more of the following:

  • Completion of our employment readiness classes
  • Review of work history and experience
  • Successful completion of a Transitional Work Experience

Hope Network Workforce Development wants to assist employers with workforce solutions to reduce time and dollars spent on recruitment and training. These workforce solutions include:

  • Work-ready candidates that are prescreened to ensure a good job fit;
  • Employer of Record Services wherein Hope Network provides employers with temp-to-hire candidates with Hope Network being the employer of record
  • Transportation solutions including Wheels to Work

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