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We don’t just clean buildings. We change lives.

For decades, Hope Network Janitorial Services has provided a wide range of services to various organizations across West Michigan.

The difference between us and other services? We manage Ability-One contracts that provide employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities in a supportive, team-oriented work environment. By hiring Hope Network Janitorial Services, you aren’t just getting a service done. You’re joining our mission and advocating for the people we serve.

All of our janitorial crews have on-site working supervisors monitoring and coaching crew members throughout their shifts.

We pride ourselves on offering:

  • Technical competence
  • Personal character
  • Responsive communication
  • Attention to care of property
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Services that keep your business shining.

Hope Network Janitorial Services presents a wide janitorial portfolio, where services can be mixed and matched to meet your needs.

Floor and carpet care programs
Restroom service
Recycling programs
Day porter services
General cleaning
COVID disinfecting

(when positive cases occur)

Hope Network has a structured, yet flexible recruitment and selection process.

Recruiters gain a complete understanding of each position and the skillset for which a qualified candidate will need in order to be successful. Upon selection of a candidate, our compliance team will:

  • Conduct background checks
  • Check personal and professional references
  • Perform Michigan ICHAT checks
  • Schedule Pre-employment physical and drug screen appointments after the initial applicable background checks have been completed

By placing concerted efforts around of the areas below, Hope Network has seen yearly increases in retention rates.

  • Affordable benefits
  • Full-time employment
  • Competitive pay
  • Learning opportunities
  • Trusted relationship with management

Once new staff begin, supervisors conduct a 30-day checklist which creates a structured method to orient staff to their new departments, ensuring that department specific policies, procedures, and training are received.

We’ve held federal and general contracts for over 35 years, providing services across nearly 620,000 square feet.

Gerald R. Ford Federal Building and U.S. Courthouse*

Square footage: 280,259

Years of service: 26

Hope Network 36th Street Campus

Square footage: 90,612

Years of service: 18

The Law Building

Square footage: 68,500

Years of service: 6

Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Square footage: 62,400

Years of service: 36

U.S. Army Reserve

Square footage: 42,361

Years of service: 15

Hope Network Leadership Center

Square footage: 36,000

Years of service: 7

Hope Network Industries

Square footage: 15,000

Years of service: 2

FAA Flight Safety District Office

Square footage: 10,489

Years of service: 16

Braintrust Behavior Health

Square footage: 10,000

Years of service: 2

Hope Network Center for Autism

Square footage: 7,000

Years of service: 3

FAA Airport Tower - Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Square footage: 4,742

Years of service: 16

FAA System Support Center

Square footage: 4,013

Years of service: 16

30+ year’s of janitorial management experience helps us provide:

  • Oversight
  • Coordination
  • Personnel management
  • Quality control
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Capacity building
  • Fiscal/contract management for all Workforce Development and Hope Network Services Corp janitorial and grounds-keeping operations.

Including on-going management of worksites to: meet contract obligations, ensure quality customer service, site coverage and hands-on completion of requirements as required to fulfill contractual obligations.

Hope Network Janitorial Services Working
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Interested in securing our Janitorial Services?

Contact our team and we’ll get to work.