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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions, we have answers.

For individuals seeking supports and services for mental illness, developmental disability, serious emotional disturbance, and/or substance abuse, it all starts with a phone call to your local Community Mental Health (CMH). All calls are private and confidential. Trained and licensed clinicians will talk with you to determine your needs and eligibility. Each service offered through CMH has criteria established by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Staff may suggest one or more of the services based on your needs. If you do not qualify for services, our staff will assist you to find other agencies in the community who might be able to help.

Here are contact numbers for your local customer services staff.

Referrals are accepted from a variety of resources including schools, doctor offices, and behavioral health professionals. Concerned family or friends may call to inquire about services, but anyone over the age of 18 who serves as their own guardian will have to call to make their own referral. Parents or legal guardians can make referrals for anyone under the age of 18.

Payment for services come from various sources, such as private pay, Medicaid, or Michigan Rehabilitative Services (MRS). Limited services are paid for by private insurance.

  • If you are enrolled in Medicaid and meet the criteria for mental health, intellectual/developmental disability services, the cost of your authorized treatment may be covered through your local Community Mental Health service.
  • Private pay opportunities exist for services not covered by insurance.
  • MRS may participate in payment for some vocational services.

Hope Network Developmental and Community Services provides various services geared toward assisting individuals to reach their highest potential.

If you are seeking supports and services for a person with an intellectual/developmental disability, Hope Network DCS can assist you with navigation of available services and resources based on your expressed needs. With an emphasis on each person’s unique abilities, we can help guide you to services that will assist in reaching your highest potential. You can contact us here.

Person-Centered Planning is a process for planning and supporting each individual that builds upon the individual’s capacity to engage in activities that promote community life and that honors the individual’s preferences, choices, and abilities.

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