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Vocational Services – Supported Employment

Hope Network Supported Employment provides community-based employment for people with disabilities, mental illness, or other challenges to employment.

Our specialized team makes connections between employers and job candidates, and provides assistance with seeking, finding, and maintaining that job. Our Employment Training Specialists (ETS) provide the tools and connections so individuals can attain greater independence through employment and community involvement.

Person-centered planning is a key component in helping individuals compare their abilities with career choices, and discover their strengths and interests. Our team makes recommendations after observing participants in a variety of situations in the home and community, and talking with family members and others in their support network. This ensures the placement is a good fit for the individual and meets the needs of the employer.



  • Enclave Group at Integrated Community Business
  • Individual job development
  • Job analysis and on-the-job evaluation
  • Recruitment and interview assistance
  • Job shadowing
  • Individual job placement and training assistance

Service Locations

All service locations are in Michigan. Find directions and contact information here.

  • Cadillac
  • Grand Rapids
  • Holland
  • Paris

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