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Neuro Rehabilitation

On June 3, 2015, Matt was parked on the shoulder of the road, assisting a fellow trucker, when suddenly a vehicle struck him.

Miraculously, Matt’s only major visible injury was a crushed eye socket, but a severe brain injury left him in a temporary coma.

Matt was admitted to Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, where his comeback journey began. Alongside his treatment team, Matt identified a goal – to drive his truck again. “I wanted to get back in my truck,” says Matt. “I made deliveries all over the state several times a week. I wanted that back.”

Hindered by double vision, Matt went through therapy to improve his sight and eventually pass his commercial driving test. It has taken time and perseverance, but Matt is getting back to the life he knew before the accident.

Matt is one of many whose lives have been shaken by an unforeseen circumstance. We see people like this every day – but we need more support to give them the best possible treatment.

At Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, we’re working to be among the best rehabilitation facilities in the region. That means investing in new equipment and improving our current facilities.

But we need your support to help more people. Please donate to the Hope Network Foundation.

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