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Crisis Services: Getting people the right support, right when it’s needed.

For people in a mental health crisis, we answer the call.

Providing immediate safety and support based on each unique individual and need. Hope is here. Always remember that.

Crisis Stabilization

Crisis Stabilization is a community-based, inpatient hospital diversion program.

Crisis Stabilization Services provides assessments, referrals and/or immediate stabilization of children and/or adults who are experiencing acute symptoms of mental illness, substance use, and emotional distress, or in response to acts of domestic violence abuse and/or neglect.

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Individuals may be referred to Crisis Stabilization services through local hospital emergency rooms, law enforcement agencies, community programs, or by other community-based mental health programs. Services may be provided by face-to-face contacts in the community and/or office and through telephone intervention services. Upon an individual’s stabilization from their acute crisis, they are provided a warm transition to a primary aftercare program.  These programs can include but are not limited to: outpatient therapy, case management, and/or primary health care.

A multi-disciplinary team is in place to provide a rapid response to early signs of relapse, including the capability to provide multiple contacts daily with persons served who have acute care needs or who have emergent conditions. Individuals are on staff to respond in person 24/7.

Mobile Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis Services are a comprehensive, community-based service offering immediate response, 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for both adults and adolescents experiencing a mental health crisis.

Mobile Crisis Response is a team of clinical professionals trained specifically to work with individuals and their families. They are skilled in crisis intervention, clinical assessment addressing serious mental health issues, developing crisis safety plans to address risks and behaviors associated with mental health and substance use issues.

Mobile Crisis Team
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Call our team, and get the help you need, when you need it.

Call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room for a medical emergency. If you’re having a mental health emergency and need to talk to someone immediately, you can also contact your local Community Mental Health (CMH) Crisis line.