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Brain Injury

Experts in Brain Injury Rehabilitation. At Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation, we provide intensive post-acute medical rehabilitation in a community setting.

For those who have experienced a brain injury, we develop a custom plan and deliver highly-focused treatment with an emphasis on maximizing functional, real-world skills. We understand the complexity of the physical, cognitive, and behavior challenges that can result from an injury, and we surround the patient with a team dedicated to their comeback.


To do this, and do it well, we have 500 experts on staff

Your team will be comprised of therapists who are experts in working with patients who have brain injuries. The team may include psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, physical therapists, recreation therapists and other specialists focused on getting you back to work.

Your team may also include a team of nurses, and physicians who specialize in Psychiatry and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PMR).

Patients often come to Hope Network once they are medically stable and able to leave the hospital. In other instances, we see people months or even years after their injury.

Our goal is to get you on the road to independence as quickly as possible so that you can resume the important roles you play at work, with family and in the community – whatever makes life meaningful. Services are provided within an inpatient transitional setting, or in a Day Rehab program. Other services are available to support those with long-term needs.

Inpatient Transitional Rehabilitation
Average Age: 49 years
68% Male, 32% Female
Age range: 18-86

Average Age: 43
59% Male, 41% Female
Age Range: 8-94

Getting Back to Work
86% of patients who worked on returning to work achieved competitive employment

When families want to be close, we help make it happen.

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation can assist out-of-town families with lodging costs while the person they love is receiving transitional services.

It’s all part of our mission to help people perform comebacks, knowing that when loved ones are close by, it can enhance the recovery process.

Contact our Admissions Team for details on how to make arrangements, durations covered, and participating hotels. You can reach someone directly at 855.407.7575.

Family lodging is made possible by the Hope Network Foundation.

For more information

Here are pages with more information on brain injury rehabilitation services through Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation.

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Referrals and Admissions Process

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