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Community Resources

Brain Injury Association of Michigan

BIA provides a full listing of support groups throughout Michigan, recreational opportunities and survivor activities, as well as trainings and education regarding traumatic brain injuries.


Centers for Independent Living (CIL)

These centers, located throughout Michigan, provide services designed to maximize self-sufficiency and independence of people with disabilities.


Michigan Protection and Advocacy Services, Inc (MPAS)

This organization provides information and advocacy to people with disabilities in Michigan.


Michigan Legal Help

This organization produces the Michigan Legal Assistance Network Guide for low-income persons and seniors in Michigan.



A website created by the Brain Injury Law Group that provides information on Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), its effects and how to cope.



Find information on self-advocacy and care, effective healing, and maximizing recovery.


Disability Information and Resources

Designed like an online library, this site provides links to numerous online resources on accessibility, education, job placement, legal assistance, and more.


Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (MDRC)

Access statewide network that lobbies on behalf of Michigan’s disabled community.

Referrals and Admissions Process

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