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Cutting-Edge Equipment

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation is dedicated to helping people reach optimal levels of physical, cognitive, and behavioral restoration following a brain injury.

We do this by employing professionals who approach each of our patients with commitment, compassion, and expertise. We have services and programs in place that address the whole person; their lifestyle, their dreams, their overall outlook on life.

But that’s not all.

We also rely on science, utilizing innovative equipment* and advanced technology. Having access to a comprehensive set of tools gives our experts every opportunity to help those we serve reach their full potential.


When using the Solo-Step System, any risk for falls during treatment is eliminated. By wearing a lightweight harness connected to a ceiling track, patients with balance concerns can safely practice activities that would normally present a fall risk. The Solo-Step System is specially designed to support a person’s body weight while providing multi-directional movement and can be used in conjunction with other treatment devices such as treadmills, strength training equipment, obstacle courses, and balance boards. This system gives our team of experts endless opportunities to develop creative treatment strategies without compromising the safety of our patients.

The VSR Sport Balance System assesses the Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex (VOR) – the neurologic reflex that controls visual stabilization and balance. Using a computerized headband equipped with an internal metronome head tracker, the VSR Sport Balance System evaluates the VOR to identify its role in a patient’s balance concerns, while also measuring dynamic visual acuity, gaze stability, and head movement. This device provides scientific data that identifies the cause of balance issues, allowing therapists to develop treatment plans that address the VOR-specific needs of their patients.

Designed specifically for special populations in the rehabilitation setting, our salt water pool is maintained at 94–95 degrees to provide optimal therapeutic conditions for buoyancy, resistance, hydrostatic pressure, and overall comfort. Using a state-of-the-art lift system to safely transfer patients in and out of the water, our pool features counter-current capabilities that provide resistance while swimming as well as an underwater treadmill that can be moved to various water depths depending on the level of support an individual requires.

The Biodex Gait Training System is a treadmill designed to allow patients to participate in locomotor training. While being supported by a harness, patients with mobility issues can practice walking with the assistance of their therapist. The repetitive walking pattern promotes new pathways of sensory communication between the brain and the muscles, giving patients an opportunity to repair gait abnormalities and improve cardiovascular health, while decreasing spasticity as a result of neurologic impairment.

The MOTOmed is a movement trainer that helps maintain and increase physical activity for people with physical limitations. The MOTOmed can provide gentle, motorized assistance or can be adjusted to provide resistance for those able to manually perform movement on their own. Increased movement of the body prevents muscle degeneration and improves the overall well-being of our patients.

With the Smart Balance Master, therapists can safely evaluate a person’s level of balance and control, a common area of concern following brain injury. This highly specialized equipment uses interactive plate technology to assess and rate a person’s ability to shift weight in a variety of directions, while also identifying his or her center of gravity, postural control, and levels of visual engagement being used to establish balance.

The Dynavision is a leading sports and medical training device designed specifically for neurologic concerns. The Dynavision measures an individual’s visual awareness, decision making, concentration, and reaction time using a variety of light targets in a localized visual field. Data is measured and stored via an internal computer, allowing therapists to customize programs for each of their patients while continuously monitoring their progress.

The Virtual Driver Interactive provides a simulated on-the-road experience for individuals preparing for a driver’s test or assessment. This highly advanced equipment allows participants to “drive” in a variety of weather, road, and traffic conditions while also creating distractions and hazards that address concentration, reaction time, and other cognitive skills needed while driving under stress. A safe alternative to actual behind-the-wheel scenarios, the Virtual Driver Interactive mimics the anatomy of a true automobile by featuring a cab design with seats, seat belts, foot pedals, gear shifts, blinkers, steering wheel, and windshield wipers.

Our conservatory is as visually appealing as it is functional. Comprised of tinted glass walls and a UV resistant polycarbonate roof, our 640-square-foot conservatory utilizes a thermostatically controlled roof vent system that can open and close to regulate the temperature inside during the summer months while relying on an internal boiler for heat during the cold weather seasons. This unique structure provides optimal conditions for year-round, plant-based activities through our horticultural therapy program.

*Equipment varies by location

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