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Your First Day

Some see a patient journey. We see a comeback.

From the moment you cross our threshold, we want you to feel comfortable and have a sense of belonging. We work to limit the surprises and prove that we’re the right team to be by your side. For people making their comeback through one of our inpatient programs, this is what Day One looks like:

    • Upon arrival, a team member will greet you, help you with your belongings, show you to your room, and make sure you have access to everything you need.
    • Shortly after settling in, you’ll be introduced to the case manager who will be your point person for the duration of your care with Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation. He or she will help you become familiar with everything – from what to expect while living on our campus to how to login to Wi-Fi during your free time. We’re certain you’ll have questions, and we’re here to give you answers. The journey to recovery may be hard work, but we’ll make the process of adjusting to your new environment easy.
    • After all of your questions have been answered, you may take a tour of the building where your rehabilitation will take place. Along the way you will meet the many faces you’re likely to encounter during your stay: doctors, therapists, support staff, and other people making their comebacks just like you.
    • After that, we will get right to work. You will meet with members of your treatment team to evaluate your current skills so your achievements can be measured as you progress through the program. This information, along with the goals you’ve set for yourself, will help mold a treatment plan centered on you and your success.

Whether it’s your first day with Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation or your last, our goal is to be your biggest ally as you create your personal comeback story. Our team members are here to celebrate your victories and push you through defeats. We are not just a team; we are a family.

Referrals and Admissions Process

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