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A Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Resident Joins MSU Cheer Squad

Ashley, a resident of Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation in East Lansing, was recently made an honorary cheerleader by the Michigan State University cheerleading squad.

January 19, 2017

MSU Cheer Squard | Neuro Rehabilitation

Knowing that Ashley is a huge fan of MSU and loves cheerleading, her Therapeutic Recreation Therapist, Kelly Singer, called the cheer coach, who was more than receptive to including Ashley.

In addition to just meeting and participating in some cheer practices, Ashley has also cheered alongside the squad at MSU women’s basketball games and met a couple popular faces along the way.

“These outings have been like winning the lottery for Ashley,” said Singer.  “She’s experiencing many things for the first time – things most of us take for granted, like watching a basketball game or ordering items at the concession stand.”

I think we can all agree – Ashley’s smile says it all! Most days she can be seen sporting her favorite MSU gear around the East Lansing campus.

Our therapy teams are always looking for unique, fulfilling activities and experiences for our transitional and residential patients to participate in both on campus and out in the community. Explore our long list of services.

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