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Brain injury is a complex diagnosis that can include more than physical challenges. Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation’s team of psychologists and behavior analysts specialize in the intervention and treatment of mental health issues that create barriers to overall recovery. Through Hope Network’s Neuropsychology Services, participants have access to:

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Neurologic evaluation
  • Behavior analysis


What to expect from your neuropsychological evaluation

Neuropsychological testing assesses how the brain is functioning using paper, pencil, and computer-based tests. The evaluation typically requires 6-8 hours (with breaks). This includes an interview with the patient and significant others, as well as review of any records that are available.

You and your family will have an opportunity to talk about the brain injury and its effects on your lives. You will take a variety of tests, which include some that are quite easy and some that are quite difficult. The tests measure cognitive skills and reports of emotional experience.

You will have the opportunity to meet for a follow-up visit to review the test results and any recommendations. There is availability for further consultation and treatment as needed.

Referrals and Admissions Process

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