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Our Outcomes

Hope Network strives for the highest quality outcomes. We know what is important: getting home, getting back to work or school, and returning to activities and hobbies.

Post Acute-Transitional Rehabilitation Outcomes
Return to Work Services Outcomes
Outpatient Services Outcomes
Home & Community-Based Services Outcomes
Residential Living Outcomes

Why Choose Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation?

150+ Experts: Over 150 experts specially trained in neuro rehabilitation, including physiatrists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

24/7 Medical Staff Availability: Medical staff available 24/7, ready to manage complex medical issues that sometimes accompany a brain injury.

Low Hospital Re-Admissions: Reducing hospital re-admissions is important to us. An admission to a community-based level of care with intensive therapy, 24-hour supervision and support, and medical management greatly reduces the likelihood of a hospital re-admission compared to a discharge home.

Highest Quality of Care: We continuously meet the highest standards set by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation (CARF) for all programs. To us, these aren’t just some accolades or awards— they are a testament to our unyielding service and consistent quality of care.

Overall Satisfaction of Persons Served

Referrals and Admissions Process

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