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We’re your best bet for recovery. By using evidence-based practices, our significant expertise, and aggressive intervention, you can count on us to reduce the negative effects of stroke.

Our therapists are experts in using techniques that target common stroke symptoms such as neuromuscular re-education, cognitive retraining, visual-perceptual retraining, articulation, and swallowing programs.


Intensive Rehabilitation Programs

  • Available in an inpatient setting with around-the-clock care and supervision.
  • Day Rehab with half or full-day therapy programs.

Features of our Stroke Program

  • Access to our comprehensive line of therapies and coordinated interdisciplinary team–-all in one location. This includes neuropsychology, psychiatry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, therapeutic recreation, social work, and return-to-work services.
  • An intensive treatment plan emphasizing maximum recovery that utilizes our advanced technology and state of the art clinic.  Additionally, treatment plans will integrate self-care and home management routines in a home like setting to support a more successful return to independently managing life skills.
  • Emphasis on fall prevention using advanced strategies and equipment so patients can actively practice and re-establish balance and mobility without fear of injury.
  • Ongoing evaluations to continuously monitor progress and make changes that encourage forward momentum toward recovery.
  • Education to both patients and caregivers on the use of adaptive equipment and strategies that can be used for a successful return home; reducing the possibility for re-hospitalization or additional rehabilitation after discharge.


Neuro Rehabilitation for Stroke | East Lansing

When families want to be close, we help make it happen

Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation can assist out-of-town families with lodging costs while the person they love is receiving inpatient transitional services.

It’s all part of our mission to help people make comebacks, knowing that when loved ones are close, it can make all the difference.

Contact our Admissions Team for details on how to make arrangements, durations covered, and participating hotels. You can reach someone directly at 855.407.7575.

Family lodging is made possible by the Hope Network Foundation.

More Information

Here are pages with more information on stroke rehabilitation services through Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation.

Post-Acute Transitional Rehabilitation
Day Rehab
Patient and Family Support


Referrals and Admissions Process

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