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We’ll never ignore the power of spiritual wellness.

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At Hope Network, we acknowledge the amazing – and sometimes unexplainable – power of faith in the overcoming journey.

And no matter a person’s religion or creed, it’s our job to make it part of the process—whenever that’s what they want.

Our pastors create opportunities for worship both directly, within Hope Network residential facilities, and indirectly, by linking individuals with disabilities or disadvantages to local faith communities of their choice where their gifts and talents can be best utilized.

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Faith has always been at Hope’s foundation.

Our Christian roots are still growing today. It’s why our pastoral services team works to break down barriers, reach across them, and form relationships between churches and the people we serve. On any given day, you’ll find a Hope Network pastor meeting with a person we serve one-on-one, working with local churches, or raising money for one of our fundraising initiatives.

Serving 8,000+ individuals each year

Partnering with more than 70 churches throughout Michigan

Partnering with more than 30 schools and community groups

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Hope Network Pastoral Services provides professional, effective leadership and advocacy in integrating persons with disabilities or disadvantages into a local faith community.

Hope Network Pastoral Services strives to model mutuality in our care and concern for persons living with disabilities or disadvantages by focusing on the strengths and gifts of each person. We recognize that we are all vulnerable, and true communion can only happen when we practice mutual hospitality with one another.

To provide every opportunity for every person we serve to experience life to its fullest through worship, education and other spiritually nurturing connections of choice. Our mission is all about breaking down barriers, reaching across them, and forming relationships between churches and the people we serve.

We strive to ensure that people with disabilities have every opportunity to belong to faith communities of their choice.

We have church partners in all corners of the community.

Our Church Partnership Program is all about breaking down barriers, reaching across them, and forming relationships between churches and the people we serve. See a full list of partners and learn how to join.


Volunteers help our mission thrive.

The power of one – read our stories to learn about how a group of gentle givers volunteer their time for others.

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At the heart of our mission are men and women willing to meet you where you are, and explore a future filled with hope and purpose. Let’s talk.